About us

Vegansugars is a small business based in Torrance, California. Our journey began when our founder, A’Sha had an allergic reaction to the many chemicals found in mainstream exfoliating products. The first batch of scrubs were made for friends and family; they loved them and wanted more. She realized she wasn’t the only one frustrated with skin care products that did more harm than good.

A’Sha began experimenting with natural oils, vitamins and botanicals, improving with each product. Our products are free of dyes, synthetic chemicals, and harsh sulfates. All products are handmade to promote healthy skin.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and shopping experience possible. If you have questions, please click the aqua/white bubble on the bottom right of this page or click contact us link below.

Thank you for choosing Vegansugars, Happy Scrubbing!